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“The Moravian ladies (Mrs. Richter, Mrs. Olufsen, and Mrs. Sauter) taught me to read in the class; and I got on very fast. In this class there were all sorts of people, old and young, grey headed folks and children; but most of them were free people.”

—Mary Prince, 17


"After a while I was admitted a candidate for the holy Communion"

—Mary Prince, 17


Historical Significance


How is Antigua’s Spring Gardens Moravian Mission historically significant to the story of Mary Prince?


EXTENDED READING: Sensbach, Jon F. Rebecca’s Revival: Creating Black Christianity in the Atlantic World. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2005. Rebecca’s Revival is the story of Rebecca Protten, a Caribbean woman and a slave who became a Moravian evangelist, and who helped to inspire the rise of black Christianity in the Atlantic world.


This image is of Spring Gardens Moravian Mission at St. John's, Antigua. It was engraved by Johann Heinrich Stobwafser, the son of a Moravian minister stationed at Spring Gardens. It is based on Johann's time at Spring Gardens, circa 1822. Mary Prince was a member of the Spring Gardens congregation by 1819, at the latest. The image is provided courtesy of John Carter Brown Library at Brown University.

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